to an old Westphalian family, originally from Iserlohn-Lössel and now spread all over the world

QQQ-Family-Reunion Iserlohn-Lössel 2003

In 2001 the first members of the family decided to found an association for family research and preceded their constitution with the following preamble:


After realizing that the Quitmann family research had already be done for many years, and that the results of the different researchers had been co-ordinated with each other only partially and that no general archive exists for the data, the idea arose, to co-ordinate the research results of all Quitmann Quitman Quittmann family researchers worldwide.


Due to the fact that some family members expressed a wish to give family chronicles, photos and interesting documents on a permanent basis into ones safe keeping to make them accessible for later generations, it must be safeguarded that this material does not get lost so that it could be used for intensive family research .

Today the association has more than 100 members and has collected systematically the genealogical data of nearly 4000 persons in their family tree, as far as possible provided with photos and ready to print. Due to the great number of data we have divided them into different Descendants Books . HERE you can see an example, however, due to data protection reasons, without relation to family QQQ. Familyrelated data are available only for members in the protected member area.

Twice a year a FamilyLetter is issued in which the association reports about the newest findings in QQQ family research and about the Qs of today. HERE you can see the content of the FamilyLetter since 2001.

Everybody interested in the history of this Westphalian family can become a member of the association.
HERE you find the Declaration of Membership and HERE the Constitution.

To open these and other documents in our home page you will need the Acrobat Reader which you can download  get_adobe_reader free of charge.

On the page GENEALOGY we describe in short form the history of our family. More details will be included in the exclusive member section under DOWNLOADS.

Under REUNIONS you will find some pictures of our QQQ-Reunions in the past and the data for our next planned QQQ-Reunions.

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